What you want is for Rob to be on the job. As soon as you realize that Rob Is Handling Your Production, your blood pressure goes way down because you know three things: 1. The job is going to be done well; 2. The job is going to be done on time & in budget without him getting that Warning Tone in his voice that producers get when you start asking for things you hadn’t realized you needed when you started but now you realize you need—Rob makes all that a non-issue; 3. The job is going to be a pleasure. Rob is the smoothest of the smooth, and a great guy to have in your corner.
- Charlie Hopper
Creative Director, Young & Laramore

"Rob Zimmerman is one of the most complete, detail oriented, accommodating freelance agency producers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Given the evolution of the industry, production technology, the web, and accessibility to high quality talent, Rob and his staff have figured out how to stretch production budgets like never before. And his long-term affinity with production suppliers, agencies, and agents across the country gives Rob a distinct advantage. I would highly recommend Rob and his staff for any sized budget, studio, location, film or video." 
- Mark Robinson, Creative Director
Red Giant

"Spot Producers is like a virtual candy store of production talent. Ad Agencies can focus on their media planning instead of spending time trying to find the latest Reps!  This is a method - the wave of the future for Ad Agency broadcast production."
- Jeff Steinborn, Director/Cameraman

"I have had a professional relationship with Rob Zimmerman for many years. As a Casting Director for TV commercials, I have cast numerous jobs for him. He is direct, concise, and very clear with his directions to me. He has always shown the utmost respect to the actors and to me as a supplier. I look forward to a continuing relationship with Rob and Spot Producers."
- Annette Stilwell,
Stilwell Casting

"In my 25+ years in advertising I can honestly say, Rob Zimmerman is among the best and most professional producers that I have had the pleasure to work with. Rob has always had my best interest at heart when it comes to my productions. Always mindful of budgets, comes in on or under budget and yet always gets me the top directors and production assistances to work on my projects. Most importantly, he always makes it fun. Bottom line, I can't recommend working with Rob and Spot Producers enough."
-Mike Leon, Chief Creative Officer
Chandler Erhlich

"Rob Zimmerman has been calling us for 10 years to acquire celebrity talent and popular music rights for his clients.  Rob's professionalism makes his every inquiry a pleasure for us, and it is obvious in dealing with him that he puts his own clients first and truly knows what he is doing... and does so with integrity." 
- Jon Albert, CEO 
The Albert Company